Kalliste eSystems
eSystems is a solution to streamline and organize the scientist's everyday life in a laboratory. Collection, storage, and retrieval of the scientific information are quick, convenient, and stress-free.

Since most of raw data is collected electronically, Kalliste eSystems offers a way to record and store data in its original format in one place, easily and securely retrievable from any location using a browser. eSystems offers several mechanisms to quickly retrieve data: filtered browsing, Google-like free search, and structured queries to find organized data located within user-defined "databases".

There is no need to remember the precise location of files, folders, and servers - an intuitive paradigm of projects and experiments is used instead. There is no need to maintain common shared locations and worry about accidental deletion or modifications of important data – nothing is deleted in the system and modifications are stored and retrieved by a built-in automatic version control system.

Further, eSystems promotes seamless teamwork through integrated automatic notifications, eliminating the need to manually send emails. Since all the data is stored within the system, cumbersome manual exchange of data is also eliminated - users can access the data for their projects according to a full-featured access control system.

Unlike paper-based notebooks, eSystems provides a structured yet flexible environment for data collection by enabling automation of multiple steps. Automated data collection helps to eliminate manual entry errors. Automated calculations ensure accuracy and consistency. Finally, automated limit checks identify out-of-specification values as well as reduce the creation of potentially invalid records.

Kalliste eSystems simply works as a Laboratory Management Solution, recording, organizing, and preserving your scientific results with easy and controlled access.
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Quality Management Helping to streamline quality related processes
Asset Management Maintains an inventory of assets as well as manages calibrations
Chemical Inventory Manages chemicals, reference standards etc
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