Kalliste eSystems

eSystems is a solution designed to provide a smooth, well-organized replacement of the traditional paper notebook system used in regulated industries.

eSystems is flexible and scalable, allowing seamless integration into existing business processes, as well as supporting growth and the needs of tomorrow. Since eSystems utilizes database driven, web-based applications and is deployed as a virtual appliance, it comes ready to go with minimum installation and validation effort. Kalliste eSystems allows pharmaceutical companies to meet regulatory guidelines while minimizing costs, thus improving efficiency and productivity.

The flexibility of a paper notebook is paralleled in eSystems through the ability to record data in any format using a variety of input mechanism, such as Web Forms, Controlled Spreadsheets for MS Excel spreadsheet software and Attachments (using MS Word, MS Power Point, Adobe PDF, etc.).

Unlike paper-based notebooks, eSystems provides a structured yet flexible environment for data collection by enabling automation of multiple steps. Automated data collection helps to eliminate manual entry errors. Automated calculations ensure accuracy and consistency. Finally, automated limit checks identify out-of-specification values as well as reduce the creation of potentially invalid records.

Information retrieval is also made easy with eSystems. For instance, a Query Manager enables easy construction of custom data queries based on data structure. Behind the scenes, a query execution environment runs these queries and generates web-based output as well as allowing export into Excel.

Further, a permission system based on Business Process Management (BPM) and Project Data Access models, allows full hierarchical control of creation, modification, and access to the experimental data.

By virtue of its design and modular architecture, eSystems is a very flexible product. We would be very happy to tailor the software according to specific needs of the customer.